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Fruit pressers

Pressers of stationary screw

Traditional construction with laminated juice plate and with welded stationary screw.
The sizes No.36-72 have geared fastener mechanism

BS-4 S BS-6 S BS-12 S BS-18 S BS-36 S BS-72

Technical data for pressers of stationary screw
Type Basket D mm Basket L mm Mass kg.
BS-4 S 170 190 7
BS-6 S 170 260 8
BS-12 S 240 265 12
BS-18 S 250 365 14
BS-36 S 325 435 45
BS-72 405 560 95

Framed pressers

With juice plate of aluminium or laminated
the clamp frame is openable, the basket is reversible.

AS-12 AS-20 AS-36 AS-72

Technical data of framed pressers
Type Basket D mm Basket L mm Mass kg.
AS-12 251 250 29
AS-20 329 235 38
AS-36 325 435 46
AS-72 400 550 74

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