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Fruit crushers


Hand operated grape crushers are made with plastic rolls
and the fruit crushers are made with aluminium rolls.
The function is reversible with the change of rolls

AZ-7 apple crusher AZ-15 apple crusher SZ-40, SZ-15 grape crusher
AZ-15 rolls SZ-15 rolls

Characteristic features
Typed number : hopper volume in liter
Hopper : acid proof and painted construction
Interchangeable rolls
AZ-15 HP : built in SZ-15 typed crusher
SZ-15 HP : built in AZ-15 typed crusher

Stemmer machines

For the use of grape processing with hand and electric operated,
built in plastic rolls.

SZB-40 E electric stemmer SZB-40 K hand operated stemmer

Technical data of stemmer machines
Type Drive Hopper Performance Mass
SZB-40 K hand operated 40 liter 1200 kg/h 46 kg
SZB-40 E electric 220V/750W 40 liter 1400 kg/h 56 kg

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